Alliance for Clinical Experience
Alliance for Clinical Experience for Students
For Students and Faculty

ACE System is a group of programs developed to improve clinical rotation experiences for health professional students.

ACEMAPP’s clinical rotation matching program improves the clinical education by giving students the tools to spend less time filling out paperwork and more time learning clinical skills.

Education to Practice’s approach to interprofessional education gives students the skills and experiences they need to learn new team-based methods of delivering care.

Alliance for Clinical Experience for Clinical Sites
For Clinical Sites

ACE System develops programs to help clinical sites for efficiently and effectively manage clinical education experiences.

ACEMAPP helps reduce the amount of duplicative paperwork and saves time in training and compliance for clinical education staff.

Education to Practice gives clinical faculty and administrators a set of tools to help build team-based skills and deliver interprofessional education.

Alliance for Clinical Experience for Schools
For Schools

ACE System is built on a foundation of collaboration between faculty, clinical sites, and policy makers to ensure health professional students develop the essential skills and experiences for a 21st Century health care workforce.

ACEMAPP helps faculty assign student placements and manage clinical faculty records.

Education to Practice is developed to bring together academic and clinical faculty from every health care profession to expand interprofessional health care education models.